Additional Members:

Project Description:

Our task was to make a game for revalidation patients for home exercises.
Revalidation exercises can be quite boring but they are necessary.
Exercise at home is a new concept and we needed to make sure the patient would have fun doing his exercises and kept doing them on a regular basis.
We decided to go for the Kinect 1 and Unity for support reasons and made sure the player got rewarded for his exercises so he would keep doing them.
The patient does his exercises at the right moment to progress through the game. After his daily exercises are done, he can go to the store and select items he wants to place in his garden.
Everyday an e-mail would be send to the supervising doctor to keep track of his patient's progress.


It was a nice experience working with the Windows Kinect for the first time. I'm glad we found a plug-in for Unity which did most of the work for us.
I didn't like the idea of making serious games at first but even if it was not the usual target audience, I learned a lot from it and would be more than happy to do it again.