Dynamic melting of snow/ice



Unreal Engine 4


Project Description:

My assignment was to make a snow/ice material that could melt dynamically. I decided to make as much material functions so it could be easier to implement on desired materials.
I wanted to add some features to make it more realistic: like dirty snow when people walk on it. Snow also sticks more on some materials than others, so that's added too.
All in all, the point was to make it as realistic as possible and being able to adapt all features at runtime.


Having close to no experience with materials in unreal I have to say I learned a lot while making this.
Usually I would just plug the diffuse in the diffuse slot etc., but I found out there's more than just that.
There can be A LOT of tweaking to get it right and material functions are life savers for readability. Thankfully there are build in nodes that are very useful as well.
Sometimes they just don't have what you need but Unreal makes it easy to implement it yourself.