Unity 5.1.2


Additional Members:

Project Description:

The game was developed for the city of Antwerp to support their new traffic safety campaign.
It contains many recognizable buildings from the city.

The point of the game is to prevent an accident from happening for as long as possible.
Vehicles can be stopped by tapping them and they can accelerate by swiping.
For diversity, some vehicles cannot be boosted and some cannot be accelerated.
One of them cannot do both, which you will need to work around by stopping/accelerating other vehicles.
Every vehicle you safe will grant you one point.

Pedestrians will try to cross the road unsafely, those need to be dragged on the crossroads.
Doing so will also grant you one point.

Once a crash occurs, the camera will switch to another point of view to show you where and how it happened.
Scores will be saved into a leaderboard.

Few Special Interactables:

Bike: Cannot be boosted. Can still be stopped.
Will make a bicycle bell sound when entering the screen.

Police Car: Will slow time on other vehicles. Helps with decision making.
Will make a police siren sound when entering the screen.

Boat: The unstoppable force. Cannot be boosted or stopped.
You will need to manipulate the other vehicles to avoid an accident.
Will make a boat sound when spawning to let you know in advance.

Civilian: Will try to cross the road unsafely.
Needs to be dragged on the crossroads before he gets ran over.

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